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MG MGA - Master Cylinder pistons

I bought a NOS Lockheed master cylinder recently at Beaulieu with a 1500 style cover and have noticed that the pistons in my original 1600 master cylinder are very slightly different.
My original pistons have a slightly chamfered head on the inner end where the bleed holes are drilled through. The NOS pistons are flat. The flange at the outer end is very slightly longer too on my originals. Does anyone know whether the chamfered style is a later modification compared with the flat end style?

From earlier threads it seems the main casting for the master cylinder are identical on both 1500 and 1600 but I haven't been able to check the casting numbers yet.

Also there are 4 holes in the resevoir through to the cylinder bores. 2 larger ones approx 4mm dia go through into the cylinder bores. The two smaller ones ~ 2mm dia seem to be just recesses. Is that correct or is there a very small hole through?


John Francis

This thread was discussed on 20/05/2009

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