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MG MGA - Master cylinder rebuild

Is there anyone in the states that will sleve a master cylinder? Do they bore out the master cylinder first so if you need to rebuild it in the future you can use the standard rebuild kit or do you need something special? Do they sleve with stainless or brass ? Witch is best?
GK George

Apple hydraulics do a resleeve in brass.
But it looks like thre are good new m/cs out there for not much more, so add the cost of the new seals and it may not be worth it any more.
Art Pearse

You can try White Post at
They have rebuilt several parts for my MGC that are NLA.
Tony Shoviak

Yep White Post and Apple are the two biggies.

On a side note: I wonder why Peter Cladwell at NOSImports (AKA World Wide Auto Parts)doesn't do these as well. He does great shock work. Seems like a Master Cylinder resleeve/rebuild would be a natural for him.
Chuck Schaefer

Any competent machine shop will be able to resleeve your master cylinder. I have used two of my local shops with good results.
Steve Simmons

Serria Speciality Automotive in CA did mine. They have some good background information on their web site.



Is your MGA a 1500 or 1600?

KL Ken

I like Serria Speciality Automotive.
Avoid Apple Hydraulics like the plague.
Barney Gaylord

Barney, re your comment, I had Apple do my mc. The finish on the bores is not all that smooth, I can see cross hatching still. And the seal fit is quite tight.
Art Pearse

I had White Post do mine. Admittedly a number of years ago now. Standard rebuild kit fit perfectly. No issues.
Keith Lowman

Thanks for the responce. I will try Serrie. As far as weather my car is a1500 or 1600 I have 14 A's every year vut a 55.
GK George

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