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MG MGA - May 5th is Drive Your MGA Day

Reminder - enjoy a drive in your favorite car, and take some photos of you, your car, and your pals, then send a short description of your drive with the photos to, and we'll add them to a roundup we will be doing of DYMGAD around the world.
Have fun!
Peter and Anne.
P.S. We'll be joining other CCMGC members in our 56 roadster and our 58 coupe fro a drive around White Rock, BC.
P. Tilbury

We are off to Dorrigo (NSW) this weekend...14 MG's, with at least 5 MGA's, so will send a pic when we return.
Gary Lock

May 5th is Cinco De Mayo. In Southern California it isn't a good time to drive a car you care about! At least not once the bars are open...
Steve S

Doing a little road trip from Solvang, CA up to Atascadero for the weekend - should be great weather. We'll try to miss the Cinco de Mayo crowds.
Steven B

Don't forget the vintage races at Buttonwillow this weekend! I plan to be there.
Steve S

Will do if it ever stops raining here.
R emgeeaa

My MGA needs new batteries so I doubt it will be on the road by this weekend. But May 5th marks another event for me, the 50th anniversary of the day I went to the Seattle World's Fair! I'm thinking of going back to the Space Needle to celebrate.

David Breneman

Great quality picture, David! It looks like it was taken yesterday. I bet you can find the exact same spot to take another one. :)
Steve S


Great picture. My mother was just showing me some slides of the Seattle world's fair this past weekend. I was about the same age when we visited. Of the worlds fairs I made it to, Seattle, Osaka, Spokane and Vancouver BC, Seattle still has the most iconic reminder with the Space Needle.

BTW, I promise to get the Mistress out for a drive on Saturday if it stops raining.


I was surprised to see that my car was on the website on the poster for DYMGA day. Picture is from between Jasper and Banff Alberta on our return trip from GT32 in Whistler BC. Quality is not that good since I stretched it from the icon on the website. On Sat. I will be taking the A to Windsor, ON to a "Wheels and Wings" open house at the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association, where they are restoring a WW2 Avro Lancaster FM212 bomber. One British machine paying homage to a heroic British Machine.


L Poupard

On May 5th it's supposed to be spring in Holland, but where itís cold, windy and drizzling. Yet a great day out!


Rutger Booy

and another picture


Rutger Booy

Here is a couple of photos of ours out and about

B Walker


B Walker

Hi Ralph

Just looked at the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association website and found it fasinating.

I come from Lincolnshire where we have the sole remaining flying Lancaster in our country along with another non flying example that does regular taxi-ing for all our enjoyment

All this next door to RAF Scampton where you will recall the Dambusters were stationed.

I will keep looking at that site and enjoy the great videos posted.
Bob Turbo Midget England

Great autumn day with 8 MGAs in NZ

Martyn Dunn

Hi Bob,
We have, I believe, the only other Lancaster in the world that still flies, at the Canadian Warplane museum in Hamilton. Ontario. A few years ago it made two passes over the showfield during British Car Day at Bronte Creek. There were 1100 British cars and several thousand people there, but all eyes were skyward while it flew over. The sound of the Merlin engines was amazing.

L Poupard

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