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MG MGA - Maybe I am not the worst mechanic?

Being one of the least knowlegable and inexperienced mechanics on the forum I was encouraged and amused by a thread in the MGB section entitled “can’t drain the oil”.
The author’s problem is that he says after removing the sump plug he only got a quart of oil out, yet the dipstick still shows the sump is full. He has probed the sump hole for blockages without success.

Any ideas?
Graham M V

Sounds like a Candid Camera stunt to me. He should look around for the concealed camera!

Or is his engine so gunked up that it's a vacuum stopping the oil from flowing out?

Malcolm Eades

You may well have found the solution, Malcolm. My first car, a 1958 Hillman Minx, presented exactly the same symptoms when purchased in 1964. As nearly as I could tell, its oil had never been changed over that interval. Criminal neglect!

Ken Korey

The first suggestion, and most likely, was he emptied the gearbox!
Graham M V

Years ago, my brother worked the parts counter at a Datsun dealership. He called me laughing hysterically at a customer who's brand new 240Z had to be towed in. The owner tried to save a few bucks changing the oil himself, except he drained the transmission fluid then added 5 quarts of oil to the engine. Fried the transmission and blew all the seals in the engine!

My brother is a bit of a sick puppy.
L Wheeler

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