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MG MGA - MG Experience Site

I frequent this site as well as the MG Experience web site but for two days now I've not been able to connect to them. I've tried different search engines but none are able to connect. Anyone else having this issue?
Nick Kopernik

Yes Nick, site still not available...don't know what the problem is??
Gary Lock

I did a quick diagnostic from my end and it appears that the MGEx server is just not responding. Will continue to try later today/tomorrow now that I know its not me.
Nick Kopernik

If you go to their Facebook page you will see this post:

Feb 21, 2018: The http server for the website suffered a total hardware failure yesterday. All the website data is safe. I'm working around the clock to bring the websites back up but it may be another 24 to 48 hours. Thanks, Skye

Steve Gyles

Steve, thanks for the update; hopefully Skye will soon resolve the issue.
Nick Kopernik

This thread was discussed on 21/02/2018

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