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MG MGA - MG Live 2013

Anyone going to MG Live at Silverstone on 15 and 16 June?

Steve Gyles

Hi Steve
I will be going on the Saturday

Mark Dollimore


I will be there Saturday as well.

Mark, is the 'A' finished?
J Bray

I'll be there Saturday too.

C Manley

Me too, looking forward to the early morning cross country drive.
Richard Atkinson

Straight answer is no but I now have accumulated virtually everything I need to complete. Well apart from tyres and hood which will have to wait until last. Hope to meet up at our annual gathering just worked out it's now 37 years as an MGCC member (more for you?) but I recall being taken to this event in the 60's my how things have changed. In my book not necessarily for the better, too much bling and razzmatazz for my liking not to mention the yawn factor of watching the racing on the GP circuit. When we raced on the national circuit there was action at each point of the course for the races duration. Hey ho guess that's progress, people just aren't content to chat and muse over cars any more some feel the need for more extreme entertainment,long live the rocker box racing!! Long may we all meet up and raise a glass to absent friends.

Melancholy Mark.
Mark Dollimore

Steve, Hoping to go no Saturday but without MGA (brakes awaiting labour!)

I would like to go on sat but I have never been so I don't know anything about how it works, i.e. what time is best to arrive and is there dedicated parking and is it worth a 120 mile drive for the day, all daft question's im sure but for a first time visitor important, any advice!
Vin Rafter


Speaking to some of those we used to race against, they are struggling with the unsuitable nature with the GP circuit, to the extent that fuel tanks are insufficient to last the distance.

I suggest back to Cadwell Park, more suited to our cars and still my favourite circuit.

Will give you a call on Saturday once i"m there and we can undertake an attitude realignment session (pint or two of ale)
J Bray


Dedicated parking, some good racing and lots to look at including the auto-jumble and trade stands. Some would argue that its not as good as it one was but if the weather is fine its worth doing. I wouldn't bother if its raining.

If you make it, as you enter the circuit drive over the bridge into the middle of the circuit and park with the other 'A's usually about 50+ cars.

Not sure where in South Yorkshire you are, but suggest you pick up the A5 where it meets the M! (think its junction 18)

Saturday is probably the best day.

J Bray

You know what, that is one really good idea!!
See you there

Mark Dollimore

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