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MG MGA - MG Live - Silverstone

The management of Silverstone have decided to resurface the track in June, MG Live is now cancelled at this time.
Colin Manley

Sounds bit of a late call Colin. That will ruffle a few feathers.
Steve Gyles

Hi Steve,
Yes, I think it’s appalling.

Silverstone were clearly thinking about this when arranging dates with the MG Car Club & have caused a lot of upset now. Tickets have been bought, traders booked space and the club spent time & effort in arranging everything so far.

To claim ‘Force majeure” on this is wrong.

I would quite happily move the MG event to Brands Hatch and never return to Silverstone again. The MG Car Club have a soft spot for Silverstone for historical reasons, but I think even the most ardent supporters will think again. The damage this will cause to the club is immense.

Colin Manley

This is intensely irritating. I bought an early, early ticket this year on 1st March as the June date was clear for me for the first time for years. A pity as Silverstone is more central than Brands and reachable for many without nearing the dreaded M25. Ho hum. Will have to make an effort to attend smaller gatherings elsewhere. Meanwhile wait to see what the MGCC fall-back plan is and probably reclaim ticket money. How do you spell Aargh?

I would assume that the powers of F1 have ruled again. Silverstone (and the UK) have been in danger of losing the GP unless changes were made, and I guess a re-surface of the track was one of them. Shame though, and I would maybe guess that the even larger classic racing event shortly after will also be affected.
Gary Lock

This is also being discussed on the midget & Sprite BBS

Here is one post with some explanation:-

"If you do a little sleuthing on t'internet you find that the track was relaid last year but that a cra*py job was made of it and the Moto GP boys have refused to use it. So they have no option but to re-do the whole circuit again before the F1 GP. I would imagine the original contractors will be feeling the heat at the moment. "
Dave O'Neill 2

Whilst accepting the very convenient central location of Silverstone, I do hope that MGCC will ignore the sentimentality associated with many years of holding the annual MG event there and make a complete break with the place. In my humble opinion it would be so good to use some much smaller venue which MG Live would fill (as a single marque gathering) rather than rattling around the huge, unpleasant desert which is Silverstone. I do hope they will seize the moment!
B Mayo

There are plenty of fairly central circuits like Donnington and Oulton Park, who will not be pressured by F1,
Allan Reeling

Quote from Motorsport Magazine referring to Moto GP racing

'while last year's Silverstone Grand Prix became the first world championship event to be abandoned in almost 40 years due to poor track conditions.

This year's Silverstone GP, scheduled for 25th August, cannot be confirmed until the track has been resurfaced and homologated. Last week word got out that two car events planned for early June have been cancelled to allow “essential track maintenance”, although we still don't know if Silverstone will merely fix the worst of the bumps and drainage issues or lay a completely new surface, which Dorna demanded following last year's aborted event.'
John Bray

I got an email from the MGCC yesterday. No alternative destination has been found. MG Live has been cancelled for this year. Those who had bought tickets will be refunded.

Steve Gyles

This thread was discussed between 10/03/2019 and 02/04/2019

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