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MG MGA - MG Spares Day - Stoneleigh

Any one going to the mg spares Day at Stoneleigh this Sunday - 21 Feb?

I'm feeling inclined to go.

Steve Gyles

I might be -not decided yet. I'll email you my mobile number if I go and meet up there - cheers Cam
Cam Cunningham

Would really love to come along. But we are due to be visiting my mother-in-law so unlikely I will be allowed out to play! Shame, but maybe next year
Graham M V

Still in China, will see you all at Silverstone this year though, I hope!
Neil McGurk

Hi have a good time wish I could get there

g c pugh

Hi Steve, Decided not to go after all - I went last year and tend to go every other year and no parts needed just at the moment - cheers Cam
Cam Cunningham

I will be there Steve if you want to pop over to the MGCC stand at some point.
Don't particularly want parts but I do enjoy the company of other enthusiasts. :)
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo


Ditto. My Mob: 07543354646.

See you there. Another MGA reader (non contributor) of this Forum will be there. He is rebuilding a 1600 that he has owned for 35 years.

Steve Gyles

Battled through the snow storms to get to Stoneleigh. Met up with the famous Bob the midget Man from this forum for a good chat. Also John Francis (Concours Trimmers In The UK - below) who is rebuilding his 1600 - 35 years in his ownership.

The majority of spares were MGB, but also a fair selection of MGA, MGF and Midget bits. Trouble is that the dealers at these events know the value of the bits so not many bargains to be had.

I only spotted one MGA jack, an original King Dick with handle at 100 and an MGTC 6" Shelley with handle at a similar price so I was not tempted. My only purchase was an old pitted Lucas L494 reversing lamp for 5. I will see what I can do with it.

Peter Gamble was there with his 5-speed box conversions. He seemed to be doing a good trade. Always a good crowd round his stand.

It was good to put faces to the names.

Steve Gyles

Forgot to say that they gave me the OAP (Old Age Pensioners) discount rate on entry. That made me feel really old and decrepit!! They did not ask me my age, just did it on looks! I think I would have preferred to pay the extra 1.

Steve Gyles

Thanks for the company Steve enjoyed every moment.
Did you see the Black MGA?
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Hi Bob.

I thought it was dark green. Those guys on the stand who like red MGAs were selling a dismantled 1600 for 6000 (deceased estate). From their photos it looked like the hard work had already been done. Good project for someone, maybe Gordon?

I liked the louvred MGA bonnet on Metal Micky's stand. He said he would do mine for 80. Might look out for a second bonnet, don't want to spoil mine. It would go with my windscreen.

Looks like the MGCC have hooked me for helping out with technical article copying for their website. They have 50 years of Safety Fast technical articles they want converting to electronic media.

Steve Gyles

Hi Steve

Good to meet you. The black car was dark green. I talked to the owner who had sold it the day before. The car was trimmed by Bob West and I was surprised about some bits. You did not mention the elctric power steering kit. It is a very neat installation and the feel was very light. It is speed sensitive. The owner oferred me a test drive one day. Cost was about 1500 I think.

John Francis

Hi Steve thanks for the thought was it 6 or 6,000, at the first figure I could manage it lol

g c pugh

No one's mentoned the coupe 'restoration project' in the outside trade area.
I wish I'd taken a photo as the seller was asking 4k it and it had no roof (amongst many other missing parts!), basically a heap.
It made mine seem like an easy restoration.

Parts wise, I did'nt think it was up to the usual level (lots of gaps in the top hall)and as Steve says they all know the value of stuff. Got some bargains for the Missus's F though.
Chris Bond


I agree. That wreck of a Coupe sitting on its trailer was a total heap. It looked as if it had been used as a spares car. Overpriced for what it was.

It shows how times are changing when many of the spares were for Fs. When did they come into production - early 90s?

Steve Gyles

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