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MG MGA - MGA 1500 disc conversion

A mate of mine has asked me to help him convert his 1500 to disc brakes. We will go with MGB callipers, I have done the conversion successfully on my ZB Magnette in Australia but just need to source the parts. Can anyone recommend a good place to get discs, splined hubs and calliper mounting brackets from at a good price in the UK?

The easy choice is Moss, but he is on a tight budget and I was wondering what the other choices may be around here?

Cheers, David
David JM

Little British Car Company gives a bit of a discount on Moss parts. You can even use the Moss part #s to order. Not sure if that is what you have in mind. It's just less expensive. Not cheap.
P.R. Fahey

You can use the front suspension from an MGB.You can make 4 --1/2" spacers to fit the king pins while still using your MGA shocks. These spacers go on top on each side to fill in the space between the shock arms.
conrad sanders

Least expensive I've found for the caliper mounting brackets was on Ebay 160284253902, I paid 80.00 but that was a while ago. Far less then Moss's $305.00
B Suelzle


for hubs I'd go to Orson Equipment - much cheaper than Moss, that's where I got mine from. They are very helpful, and have finally got their website up and running (

Discs? Try Ebay UK, as there were some sets on there for about 30. SC Parts sometimes do a good deal.

Caliper mounting brackets? Again, try Ebay UK, around 80, but sometimes less.

Calipers? try Ebay UK, Andy Jennings or MGB Hive, they often have good quality second hand ones that you can recondition yourself.

I only get stuff from Moss as they are 4 minutes down the road and I save of P&P. Depending where your mate lives, Brown and Gammon might be closer (

Good luck,

Grant :-)
G Hudson

Thank you guys. I'll pass this information on and see what we can come up with. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Now, I wonder if I can convince him to fit a 3.5 litre V8 like MG Doc's car!!!

David JM

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