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MG MGA - MGA 1600 parts to GIVE AWAY

Hi Guys, have just moved house and in my packing up discovered some more MGA bits to give away. No I don't want anything for them, just an undertaking from the recipients that they are taking them for their use and not to re-sell on ebay whatever. If you do double-cross me and I find out I will make sure everyone knows and your name will be mud!! OK what I have are a pair of 1600 25 spline wire wheel axles (the wheel spline hubs are stuffed but the axles are great), a full rear drum brake setup for both sides including the drums, shoes, springs and backing plates( the slaves are there but needs new ones), a windscreen with good glass (the frame has a couple of extra holes in the side rails and there is a spare bottom screen rail and possibly a pair of competition screen uprights if I can remember where I packed them), a pair of headlight bowls, a towbar & pair of rear shock absorbers and links all of which will need a full rebuild but hey if your missing these then now you will have something to exchange! Items are located on south side of Brisbane so let me know if interested
Mark Mathiesen

Why does it seem that when the parts I need are available I'm not in the area. ;-) I would love the wind screen, but it's never going to be worth the effort to ship to the states and would probably arrive broken at that. (the last one off e-bay was smashed) Very nice of you to offer these up Mark, hope the guys down there appreciate it.
Bill Young


The competition uprights (if they are the screen frame ones, not the stanchions) would be great. I have the stanchions and the lower frame part already.

dominic clancy

Hi Mark,
I would be interested in all of the windscreen parts for my Twin Cam. I live just north of Byron Bay so not to far away.
I emailed you off line yesterday ( Friday) But no reply.
I understand you may be busy.
Regard and thanks for this offer to the MGA community.
s foster

Guys the screen and frame are gone (went within the hour) but rest is still there. If you could pass the word on the rest of the bits to Aussie restorers I would (and they would too)appreciate it
Mark Mathiesen

Hi Mark,

Would be interested in the tow bar, if it is still available. By the way did you get to Mcleans bridge run last weekend, we did't make it.

R J Goebel

Thanks guys everything has now found a home. Just one more set of items not to give away but that I want to make available for free loan at any time in the future and that is a set of fibreglass molds to make replica fiberglass skin panels for doors, bonnet and boot. If your alloy ones are stuffed this could get you out of trouble till you find a real set of skins. Just bond them onto the frames and no one will know :)
If you need to borrow them just let me know and we can sort something out,
Mark Mathiesen

I went to Macleans bridge and arrived at 12.00. Just about everybody had left. It really was a bit disapointing for the wife as it was mothers day. Oh well, i got to the MGCC, MG only(plus invited sports cars) hillclimb on the weekend and it was good to see the old cars in action. And no damage.

Too bad i read this post to late about the parts on offer.

DJ Lake

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