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MG MGA - MGA 4.3:1 differential/rear axle

I am in the process of restoring a '54 mgtf and want to swap out the original differential/rear axle for the 4.3:1 found on MGAs. I live in Olympia WA. If you, or someone you know who lives in this general area and has such a differential for sale, would you please make contact at my e-mail address.

TIA -- John
JL Brickell


most MGAs have a 4.3:1 rear axle, so it should be pretty common in the USA, and fairly inexpensive. Maybe try Ebay?

Grant :-)
G Hudson

I have a complete 4.3 pumpkin for sale. Make me an offer around $150, and tell me how you want this sent to you. I live near Vancouver, BC.
You can email me directly. Regards, Peter.
P. Tilbury

Thanks to those who have responded on this list and separately to my e-mail. I have now located the differential I was looking for.

Regards --- John
JL Brickell

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