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MG MGA - MGA Brochures. first of a new line.

I am in the process of collecting MGA brochures titled FIRST OF A NEW LINE.I currently have in my collection copies of H&E 5555,H&E 5666 and H 5667. can anyone tell me what other brochures are in this title run (home and export).


Mine is H&E 57/73 so it looks like you have a few versions in between to find. Can you tell what the differences are? I can scan mine and send you the images.Mine shows a domed cap in the centre of the steering wheel, and the brace X on the boot lid is black, not body colour. It also shows the very early gauges, and mixes RHD and LHD in the B&W detail shots in the open spread.
dominic clancy

I have 55.95 H.E. Opens out into an A2 poster. Yellow cover with a blue RHD car.
I also have E.5557, same cover but a brochure in A4 with two A5 pages featuring "International Class Records" and "Dimensions".

M Magilton

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