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MG MGA - MGA 'Car Wash'

photo of sign spotted in College Park, Maryland at a car wash.


Ted Persons

I wouldn't take mine through a "drive-thru" one!
Cam Cunningham

I would take my Head and Shoulders shampoo with me. I don't have a hood with my sports windscreen, so probably cheaper than the 10 ($15) for a shampoo and blow dry at my local barbers.

Steve Gyles

I've got a rather humorous car wash story for you. Last year, while at Reno NV for the All MG meet, I had my 59 MGA serviced (engine oil and differential) at the Reno Porsche shop.The car was pretty grimy after being driven from the East Coast so I asked the tech if there was a car wash nearby. The tech said " we've got a car wash. Happy to wash it for you". The top was down, of course, and the plan was to snap on the tonneau for protection, as I normally do. Well, he pulled into the wash bay, it was set on Automatic, and went off with a roar! He backed out quickly, but was absoulutely soaked! While he went inside for a dry uniform, my buddy and I dried the interior. No harm, really. I just wish I had my video camera!
G T Foster

I bet that sign draws looks, though. Probably pretty good advertising.
Mike Parker

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