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MG MGA - MGA Complete Body Needed

Wondering if anybody knows of a complete body in decent shape that is sitting around. My frame and engine are fine but the body I have needs a ton of work. Will travel.

York, Maine
L. Mazoway

What's "a ton of work"? Most bodies can be fixed with skill & patience.
D Sjostrom

Larry, this was posted on the MG Experience BB last week, might be what you're looking for. Not real close to Maine, but better than KC.,647059

Bill Young



Cheap at the moment. (I have no connection)

Dan Barton

The body I have is in 2 pieces. The "B" post are completely gone and the metal below the "A" post is non existant. I suppose I could have someone piece it back together. I was hoping that someone may know of a body already completed. If not I'll stick with what I got.
L. Mazoway

Larry, mine wasn't quite as bad, but there are several guys who have posted on the boards over the last couple of years that have dealt with much the same as you are. They are repairable, just takes a bit of patience. I haven't heard good things about the complete replacement B pillars, but it does sound like you will need those. Perhaps one of the other guys will have a good source for these. The rest of the items can usually be pieced or patched up pretty easily. If you haven't already spent some hours checking it out, take a look at the Eclectic Motors web site. Carl has a ton of photos posted showing MGA body repairs. Following his lead you can fix up your body pretty easily.
If you're up to doing the work yourself then just follow Carl's lead, if you want to farm it out then there's no one better than Carl and his crew on MGAs. I had to replace most of the sheet metal below the sill line and the lower several inches of both the A and B pillars on my car, wasn't too bad a job. Here's a photo of one side after the work was done. You can make out the new metal pretty easily.

Bill Young

Larry, I have a good 1600 body, but it is sitting on a pretty good 1600 frame. Ex Race Car. I'm going to have to move so I have to get rid of it all. It is in northern California. No driveline but it will roll. I'd rather not do Ebay just yet.
I also have a rust free 67 Cooper hydrolastic body with lots of spares for sale. Anybody?
Russ Carnes

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