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MG MGA - MGA engine from Moto-Build: opinions

Hello to everyone,
I'm an owner of a '56 MGA 1500 and I usually write on mgexp ( i simply didn't know this site :( ) . They suggested me to ask this question here too so here I am.
My A's crankshaft unfortunately broke down this week sad smiley
It broke down between the 2nd and 3rd journal (see photo below). I've found replacements for ~120 but i am afraid the whole engine will need an overhaul. Due to the fact that my current engine also has a "strange" head, (,2485830 ) I am considering buying a whole new engine. After some searches I have reached Moto-Build: they sell a 1500 A engine on ebay:

Speaking on the phone they seem really nice guys, but before stepping into buying a whole new engine I would like to know if any of you had any experience with one of their engines.
Any A owner have one of their rebuilt engines on? anyone had them rebuild their own engine?

NM Maggi

The engine that they show in their ad is a 1600 engine. Might be better to have your engine rebuilt. JMHO
C.R. Tyrell

Hi, my car came with a 1622 Wolseley engine, one carb.
So I bought a 1622 MGA engine from Moto Build.So far after three years I had no problems with it.Runs perfect.Just one thing, you have to ask to replace the front cover with one from an MGB with an oil seal, or do it yourself before you put the engine in the car.
H. Jorens

Herman, if you swap the cam for an MGA cam, put on twin carbs and you have a 1622 engine, apart from the mechanical tach. (unless the Wolseley had that)
Art Pearse

The Wolseley won't have tacho drive. but a good rebuilder can fit one.

Paul Dean

Thank you for your answers!
I have reached them on the phone and they currently have a 1500 engine that is being restored. My concern was to find someone who actually have one of their engine in his car and check that everything was ok.
H. Jorens i have a couple of question for you:
was the crankshaft freshly resized?
was the rotating assembly been balanced?

thank you all again for your prompt answers!
NM Maggi

Just to clarify some of the terms used; the freshly resized crankshaft is the same as the reground crank. This is included in the Moto-Build spec. (and standard procedure, where necessary, for a rebuilt engine). If the crank is still within specification and does not need grinding it is standard practice just to renew the bearing shells.

The balancing of rotating assembly (crankshaft, flywheel etc.) is "nice to have", but not normally necessary.

Motobuild are good guys, they have been in the MG trade for decades, basically being the successors of Toulmins. I used to use them a lot when they were opposite the tube station a few stops from Heathrow.

dominic clancy

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