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MG MGA - MGA experienced restorers south of England?

It's time to turn my 1960 coupe back into something I can be proud of. I would do it myself (again) but I know it would take me too many years, and anyway, my workshop is not suitable (thatched roof).

I have had this car since 1970 and I know it inside out. Everything works, it's largely original. nicely trimmed, it is reliable and street-legal, but the bodge job I did on the bodywork 40 years ago is now wearing thin(!).

I need an MGA-experienced outfit to repair the bits that need repairing (body-off) but in a way that retains all the smell, sweat and other quirks that make it what it is. I do not want concours, or 5-speed all-synchro, or electronic this and that.

SO, what reputable outfits are there in the south of England (less than an hour from, say, Andover) that have good MGA experience? Oselli have moved to Milton Keynes (too far away) and Naylor are oop north.

Any ideas, folks?

D Brown

You could try Classic MG services in Fareham (who used to be the MG Barn). They've been restoring MG's for years.
Good reputation but if you speak with them try to define timing and costs.
J H Cole

David, I use Mike Rolls near Shaftesbury. So far engine and gearbox rebuild, with a few other minor tasks. Still running in. He had two other As in for work when I was there last week, one for bodywork, and a twin-cam for engine work. Mine will go back in for new rear springs when they arrive from Asia. It takes 50 minutes from me and I am c.10 miles west of Andover.

Thanks, gents.
I'll check them out
D Brown

Have you tried Sandydown Body Works near Stockbridge?
They are primarily a modern bodyshop but have a "classic" sideline. The Owner, David Newton , is a MG Car Club member and they advertise in MGCC "Safety Fast" regularly The did a good job on my Jaguar a few years ago.
David Marklew

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