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MG MGA - MGA going to new home

Hi all, well the A is going to new home, funds needed to repair house, put roof back on and that sort of minor thing, would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone on this site for their support, help and humour over past couple of years, you never know might get one again someday, might be getting a frogeye again in the meantime or possibly an MGA coupe that is for sale on one of the sites at the moment, going to cry now so I'll sign off and go and look at my tool kits lol

g c pugh


You can't just leave us like that! We all thought you were going to expand your stable with a Twin Cam, not sell up.

All the best.

Steve Gyles

Drat! Gordon, this is terrible news! Who will we have now to banter back and forth with? I have so enjoyed your presence here and will think of you fondly. BTW, a MGA car is not necessary to visit here. It is really about people--the car is just the ice breaker. Best wishes, and may the luck of the Irish, er Scottish, er whatever, be with you.
James Johanski

Gordon, you don't have to leave the BBS just because you're getting rid of your car! Plus this site is good for finding the next one!

Anyway you can come up here and drive round the quiet lake district roads in mine.

Neil McGurk


And there you were trying to wrestle one of my two genuine 1500cc style Tudor washer bottles from my clutches just so you could go sell your car with a genuine correct bottle.....that's just not cricket, stick to a frogeye rather, or better still, a Triumph! As the old adage goes: BMC's biggest ever Triumph was an MG!
Peter Steyn

Hi Peter that was the final straw, just couldn't go on driving it knowing that under the bonnet was an incorrect washer bottle lol

g c pugh

Gordon, LOL! Glad you fessed up.
Peter Steyn

Now Peter about that water bottle...........

g c pugh

Gordon, a hip flask is a lot more discreet....
Peter Steyn

Peter such a comedian lol

g c pugh

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