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MG MGA - MGA motor and gearbox

Hi everybody , it's looks like MGA motor and gearbox tested on dyno may works a lot of money for the future...

Just take a look at Ebay :

or Item number: 320614692914

Jules Desbiens

Hey, it could help you win a G Production championship if the SCCA hadn't eliminated the class...

k v morton

Save some cash? Try this one on Aus. e-bay #290497294679
A little cheaper, but ------ ?

Barry Gannon

Just be aware of what is being offered in the Australian engine on Ebay. This is not a criticism of the quality nor the price asked, but it is not a MGA engine.
The number 1620 cast on the side of the block shows that it is a 1622 engine made in Australia for a saloon car.
These engines had the same bore and stroke as English 1622 engines and so are 1622 in capacity, but they do not have the narrower bearings that allow for the fitting of the stronger 1622 crankshaft as in MGA 1600 MK11 engines.
The MGA's made from CKD kits in Australia had the correct English 1622 engines fitted.

M F Anderson

You could buy a twin cam for that money, or a supercharger or two
dominic clancy

Yes Dominic , and probably many Judsons Valve cover too ... If I only can find one .

Jules .
Jules Desbiens

Kent Prather, for those who don't know him, is a very successful MGA racer and builder. He won numerous G Production championships in his MGA before recently turning to vintage racing. I'm sure his engines are worth big bucks, but you might get him to build you an engine for a little less than this. Maybe not.


k v morton


Interesting ignition coil arrangement. Four high tension leads and no fifth high tension lead for a distributor.
Must be fired by a crankshaft sensor with a camshaft sensor to determine the correct cycle.
This is how we run our racing Triumph cars without a Distributor (plus fuel injection).
The separate clutch and brake master cylinders make it look like a Deluxe, but the brake master cylinder is not a Dunlop type.
No heater or blanking plate.

M F Anderson


just guessing here, but ignition systems like that are often based on Ford components, possibly with a MegaJolt sytem for control so the timing curve can be tuned.

No need for a camshaft sensor, the crankshaft sensor gets speed and position ( from a 'missing tooth' on the trigger wheel). Because two pistons are up together both their spark plugs are fired together ( ie 1 + 4, or 2 + 3, see the wiring ) - the cylinder on the exhaust to intake part of the cycle has the "wasted spark" - the ignition system doesn't care which of the two cylinders 'needs' the spark.

I'm sure experts will fill us in on specifics.

Certainly looks a very tidy installation.

J N Gibson


Yes, I am aware of the "wasted spark" system which pairs ignition leads and so does not need a camshaft sensor. As I normally use four coils and a camshaft sensor I did not look closely enough at the photo.

M F Anderson

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