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The MG CarClub email newsletter advises there is an MGA featured on Salvage Hunters on Discovery on Thursday 13th January. (sic).
Having searched, I see itís on Wednesday 13th January and actually on Quest HD.
Graham V

You must have a posh telly or tellybox, it's also on Quest (non HD). :)

They've been advertising it a lot, but then there's always lots of programs and products advertising otherwise there'd be no programs. Those that moan about Auntie Beeb will realise more if she goes.

Radio Times (keeping the theme) shows -

Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars
Series 5 - Episode 2

Wednesday 9pm - 10pm Quest [and Quest HD]

repeats -
Thursday, 10pm - 11pm
Saturday, 7pm - 8pm
Sun 17 Jan, 3am - 4am
Sun 17 Jan, 9am - 10am
Nigel Atkins

and they managed to spoil a perfectly good, honest coupe with wire wheels, not a problem until you paint them black, I prefer steels anyway on the coupe,you take out good original seats and replace them with new non original ones,you paint the roof white,a taste thing, when all it needed was the engine bay tidied up and a few bits rechromed maybe. There was no real looking at what the underneath was like, at least not shown, I'm sure a lot of non MGA enthusiasts won't see a problem with any,of that,and they could have afforded to put correct Todd Clarke door seals on it ,very important on the coupe to allow doors to close without slamming them and to those who remember my additction to MGA tool kits they did not cover that item at all, by they way now well on the way to rehablition but I do still at least one kit around somewhere just in case I win the lottery and can afford another A

a belated happy new year to all

G C Pugh

Hi Gordon,

I am normally a respondent to the TD/TF section of this site but have to agree with you on how the MG A was ruined. Replacing original leather seats with modern repros, covered in tartan cloth shows how little the presenters know about the classic car market. The pair did a similar job on a MG TD last year, paid over the odds for a reasonable car and then spent a fortune spoiling it. The car was for sale on line for ages. I wonder if the A has been sold.

Jan T
J Targosz

Hi Gordon. It's been a long time. Glad you have not lost your passion for the car.

Steve Gyles

I've given up on that program, as I'm normally disappointed.

I have to agree with Jan T about the way they spoiled the TD.
Dave O'Neill 2

Drew likes old VWs, that seat pattern reminded me of VWs.

I'm glad I'm not the only one to prefer steel wheels to wire (everytime in my case) and I prefer the more sobre colours on coupes (Bs, Cs as well) leaving the brighter colours for the open cars.

I didn't see much of the show but I think particularly with classic owners it's forgotten that this is an entertainment show for the general public also pulling in those with a general interest in classic cars rather than marque loyalists.

Values and costs to the cars are very loosely relevant as they are part of the production costs.
Nigel Atkins

Hi Steve, glad you are ok,don't come on here ofter these days. I haven't lost the passion for the cars I think they went off me :)

cheers Gordon
G C Pugh

I agree with all the above. I don't like his choice of antiques either! Did you notice they also forgot to mention the cost of supplying and fitting splined hubs and new half-shafts?

Yes I agree with all that has been said above. As Pete says, the show implied you can remove the 4 wheel nuts and put wire wheels straight on.
And merely check the alignment to be happy you are selling on a car in perfect condition?
Iíve not seen the programme before and wonít bother in the future.
Graham V

I fear your expectations of TV entertainment shows like these are far too high, these type of shows are not not strictly factual.

The costings and work shown or mentioned on these types of shows, that go back decades, has always been very loose to totally ridiculous. An example, that vet that done the 'A (whatever, MG, Cobra, E-type, helicopter) is Born' the claimed work and costings, on the episodes I've seen, were totally ridiculous, same for Wheeler Dealers and others.

On some of these shows the vehicles belong to or are sold to the production company involved so all smoke and mirrors.

A lot of what you see on TV isn't real (same for internet of course).
Nigel Atkins

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