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MG MGA - MGA Production To Restart

Just seen a press release that Nanjing are planning to start a limited MGA production line again!

More details will be published later today through the Chinese Liploo Fapr news agency.

Steve Gyles

Steve, trouble is our April Fools Day finishes before yours starts..I think the game finishes at 12 mid-day?
Gary Lock

I hope you checked the translation of those "Chinese" words Steve, I hope you have not declared war on them or something even worse!
Colyn Firth

Never mind all that, did it say anything about the price?
Vin Rafter

I also saw the press release. There was no mention of the price but it did say the engine will be sourced from Honda as is similar to those used in their S2000!
Mike Ellsmore

Love that one Mike!!
Gary Lock

LOL love it well done guys

Anyway here is an engine that would legally challenge the buick V8 rule makers

Fitted to the MG LOLA JUDD :)

Bob Turbo Midget England

Nice one Steve,

I always had a suspicion that MGR were thinking of launching an A, just before their demise.

My company had the contract for their exhibition stands, and they had started to use pictures of an MGA in their MG promotional stuff and it made me wonder if this was a lead up to announcing a new MGA.

Never had any proof of it though and probably way off the mark.

Chris Bond


maybe not the A, but.....

Grant :-)

G Hudson


Yes, saw that on TV this morning.

The MGCC has already started an MG6 Register. The legend continues for another generation.

Steve Gyles

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