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MG MGA - MGA Replica In Kevlar - soon for sale

I have recently received an e-mail from Andy Rich, builder of the Toyota powered, carbon fiber MGA. See here:

After original sale it has been a one owner car, currently residing in Maine, but is now coming up for sale. Andy Rich will be handling the sale for the owner. It is to be posted on eBay sometime this spring (soon I guess). Andy is hoping to push it for some publicity, including feelers for the posibility of producing more. (Yikes!) I will keep you all posted if more information arises as the sale date approaches.

Word from Andy is that there was one complete car produced and sold, as well as a couple more body kits and some Toyota engine mounts. So it seems like there may be a couple more of these graphite body MGAs out there somewhere, if they might have ever been completed. Otherwise there may be a couple of the graphite bodies hiding in barns or bushes somewhere, so y'all keep your eyes and ears open.

I have a bit of biography information about Andy Rich and what he has been up to in more recent years. It does not pertain directly to the MGA project, so I haven't decided yet if I will post any of it on my web site. The one point of current interest is his involvement in the New Elva project:
Barney Gaylord

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