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MG MGA - MGA Tool Kit

Can anyone help me to locate an original type MGA complete tool kit.
H Wimalachandra

There are a few companies that reproduce the MGA tool kit. Are you looking for only original tools or replicas of the original tools to complete your car.

For info on original tool kits, and souirces for replacements, see here:
Barney Gaylord

Hi Jeff
A replica would be fine. I also need to know the type of Jack that came with it (1960 Mark 1) and would need one too.

H. Wimalachandra

I often notice on Ebay toolkits for sale from NZ or OZ. This might be the fellow:-

Why not contact him. He might be able to help.
Derek Nicholson

Here you go:-

Derek Nicholson

Not bad as a starter perhaps, but these kits are neither complete nor original (MG kits).

You can easily collect most of the correct tools individually on eBay, if you have a little time and patience.

You can then fill in the difficult to find (or expensive) parts from In-Point pty (or if anyone knows another source I would be very interested!).

In my experience those parts are usually feelers, drain plug remover, tyre valve tool, tappet and head spanners, correct flat/box spanners and tool roll.

Or, it might make better economic sense to, buy the complete kit from In-Point and gradually replace the tools with originals, as and when you find them.

Either way good luck!

regards, Neil
Neil McGurk

Practically in you backyard.


I have one of the In-oint tool rolls in my Magnette as the original turned to dust. The roll is nicely made but not exactly the same as my original (I imagine there were variations during production). Fortunately for me it only varies in that the repro does not have a buckle/strap arrangement to secure it, but I can re-use my old one as it is pretty much all that's left of the ol'roll.
Neil has it right, either you can go repro and replace with original as you find them, or collect as many originals as possible and fill in the gaps with repros.

Rich McKIe

Hi if you were in the UK I would suggest Bob West for the tool bag and tool roll he made them for me exact match for original, you may also find he has some tools, he has the correct grease gun, I put together thecomplete kit over about 6 months from ebay, look on the vintage tool section you often see odd spanners etc on there

regards gordon
g c pugh

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