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MG MGA - MGA Twin Cam Stolen

An mga twin cam has been stolen from the owner's house near Guildford, Surrey UK.
It is a RHD car, colour green. It does not have bumpers and the front valance has been smoothed.
Chassis number is YD1/2548 and registration number is YLK 982.
The Twin Cam engine is fitted with Webers and has a fan in front of the radiator.
As you know the Twin Cam is most easily recognised by the "knock-on" disc wheels.

Anyone seeing this car should notify the police.

Picture attached.


M F Anderson

I’m sorry to hear about this. This is bad news. The owner must be heartbroken. A very distinctive MGA that has been taken from the owner’s house, not far from where I live.

Will not be easy to pass on so I guess it will be striped for parts – very upsetting.


R A Evans

It might be worth posting on the other boards as well - MGB, midget & Sprite, etc.
Dave O'Neill2

I posted it yesterday on

Rutger Booy

The stolen MGA Twin Cam was located by the police near Windsor UK.
It has no serious external damage but the engine has some problems, as yet undiagnosed.
Thanks to all those who looked for it.

M F Anderson

Thats great news Mick although not so great about the engine.

When I first read about the theft I was thinking "where on earth will he get a replacement twin-cam!"

I hope the owner car can claim for the engine repairs on his insurance policy.

Colyn Firth

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