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MG MGA - MGA value?

Hi, visiting from the TD/TF thread. Any rough idea as to value of the following: 1960 MGA roadster, the entire car appears there: hardtop and softtop bows present, wire wheels, original dash, chrome, etc. Quick glance saw no major rust in the doglegs and usual areas, battery box frames are shot, no crash damage, and a 5 main B engine and tranny. Car would need restoration, but I think a really nice "core". Thanks in advance. George
George Butz

Could be anywhere between $4000 and $10,000 depending on what it looks like, best to post a picture to narrow it down..............Mike
m.j. moore

Have seen some "projects" here in New England that had quite a bit of rust, most with the correct engine from $1,000 to $3,800. I would think $1,800 would be a reasonable amount to pay for something restore-able.
David Werblow

I think your best bet would be to check Ebay and see what comparable restorables are going for. The UK has higher prices, and depending on the measure of restoration needed, it's nearly impossible to give an actual value.
Mike Parker

With that all said....I'm just amazed at the higher prices that MGA's are fetching at the Big Auction Houses.
Thomas Koch

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