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MG MGA - MGA valve cover needed

Hello group - I'm still in need of an original steel valve cover in good condition. If you have one stashed away and would like to sell it, PLEASE contact me at my email with a price. Thx Big Jake
JSS Jason


There are several on eBay right now.

Gene Gillam

Hi Jake,

I have a spare valve cover for the mga. It is in very good condition, but needs to be spray painted. I will sell it for Euro30 plus the cost of postage. I will have to check with the post office for the postage. Find below a couple of pics of the item. Send me an email if you are interested.


F. Camilleri

Another pic. Look no dents.


F. Camilleri


If you cant find one on Ebay, I think I have one at home. $25 US plus postage.

I also have a lot of other parts including a spare engine. The block was poorly put together ( dont get me started ! ) but the head and various other bits are in good shape.

Let me know what else you need, Im planning to take afe wpictures nad post on ebay anyway..

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Your email didn't seem to work...
DA MacFarlane

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