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MG MGA - MGA wedding car

Just thought I'd share a couple of photos.

M Elliott

of our wedding using wedding cars tunbridge wells day

M Elliott

Thank you for viewing.

Matthew and Charmaine Elliott.

M Elliott

Well done on both counts, Matthew! May your journey together be a long one.

Ken Korey

I am envious. My wife and I were married in her hometown, which is on an island in Southeast Alaska, and it would have been way too much trouble to get my MGA there (and operable).
Del Rawlins

I was hoping to have had mine restored in time for my daughter's wedding in 1998. But I think I am on schedule when it's one of the grandaughters' time!
Nice colour same as mine (will be).
Art Pearse

Congratulations Matthew (and Charmaine)!

The car looks fantastic.

All the best of wishes, Neil
N McGurk

My own collection of recent wedding photos, Vancouver B.C. the single sunny day June 2011! Our daughter Julia has coveted the MG since she was small.

Tom Heath

Another MGA wedding photo.

Tom Heath

One more

Tom Heath

And finally - the brothers rejoice as they are now able to extend their "man cave" by knocking down the wall that was once their sister's bedroom!

Tom Heath

Just to prove that you can get into a coupe in a full wedding dress. My daughters wedding a month ago.

J H Cole

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