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MG MGA - MGB Two Speed Wiper Motor

After taking advice from this site, I changed my standard wiper motor for an MGB two speed motor.

I bought one from Telford MG and despite me asking them five times to confirm whether it had a 105 degree wheel, which they did, now that I have fettled it into the car, it clearly is not 105 degree - probably more like 115 degree.

Where can I pick up a 105 degree wheel, what else do I need to change over and is it v difficult to do..?


Mr Frustrated
A Stojanovic

If you have a RHD car it isn't too bad, for LHD start by removing the entire pedal box and master cylinder.....

Once you have the motor out it is a simple job to just switch out the wheel in its gearbox
dominic clancy

Brilliant - thanks Dominic.. !
A Stojanovic

You need a 90 degree crankwheel.
I tried a 105 degree wheel first and it caused the wiper blades to catch on the windscreen frame at the end of each stroke and tear them.
The 90 degree wheel gives you the perfect swept arc.

The wheels are eally easy to swap, you just need a screwdriver and some circlip pliers.
Remember to check that the nylon parking switch ramp beneath the wheel is fitted into the correct place, otherwise the wipers may want to park along the bonnet! are a great company to deal with and they have a wiper motor guide which shows you where the cupped washers fit on the crankwheel.

Have you read the article on fitting a 2-speed wiper motor in the Technical Info section of the MGA Registers pages which you can find in the MCGCC website?

Dominics website also has some really useful info on this subject.

Colyn Firth

Hi Colyn,

Found your very useful article on it and amended my order to a 90 degree wheel just in time..!

Fingers crossed it will be the last time I take things to pieces...

Thanks All
A Stojanovic

For those interests in reading Colyn's article it is here

The easy way to obtain the necessary tube to fit a LHD car wit h this conversion mounting the motor behind the dashboard, just obtain a used wiper rack from an MGB GT, as the motors were fitted in this position as standard - that's where I got the idea.

dominic clancy

Cheers Dominic,

your idea of using a drive tube from an MGB when fitting the 2-speed motor to a LHD car is brilliant, it just never occurred to me.

It simplifies this project for a LHD car so much and therefore makes it a much more attractive proposition.

If I ever am asked to update the article I wrote, I will include your idea in the LHD section (with your permission of course).

Anyone who is planning to fit the 2-speed motor maybe could also consider fitting an intermittent wiper unit.

I have found that here in the UK, I probably use this more often than the higher wiper speed because I try to avoid driving the car if heavy rain is forecast. (I don't particularly enjoy driving with the hood up)

I have fitted a Moss unit which cleverly and simply connects to the existing MGA wiper switch and can be easily programed to select how long a delay period you want. They make -ve and +ve earth versions.


Colyn Firth

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