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I just bought a 1968 or 69 Mgbgt non running project car. He wasn't sure. Chrome bumper, early engine number in the 4000 range. The previous owner bought this car to perform a Rover V-8 transplant only to discover after he had it painted and installed new headliner and upholstery that he had the wrong year for the transplant. He stopped work on the car after that, covered it up and there it has sat for over 4 years. My question for you guys (I'm on the MGA board and have 2 MGAs) and its not like I don't know what to expect, can I put the glass back in myself or is that better left to the pros?
I posted this on the MGB board and thought some of you regulars have B experience too.
David Holmes

If you could do it yourself on the A the B is almost the same. The mechanics on the B were updated, but the fundamentals are basically identical
dominic clancy

Thanks Dominic. All of the glass is out of the car at this time. Should be a fun project.
David Holmes

Edward Wesson 60MGA

The door and rear 1/4 pivoted glass is easy. The front and rear screens are very fiddly but straightforward if you have the right technique - do the rear with the hatch removed. Use a long cord to pull the rubber out from under the glass and a proper tool to put the chrome finisher strip in with lots of washing up liquid - if you have not done it before I would let a pro do it as it is easy to crack the screen.
Cam Cunningham

Thanks Cam. I will do just that.
David Holmes

The trim is extremely fragile and easy to dent, bend or otherwise destroy. Once it has been bent it is very difficult to make right again. To add to the fun, rear trim pieces are rare as hen's teeth. So be careful!

I had a professional do mine and he still put a couple of small dents in the trim. It took him 10 minutes to get the glass and rubber in, and another 2 hours for the trim. You never heard a glass guy curse so much...
Steve S

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