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MG MGA - Modern Fluids

Hi All,

I was trying to trawl through the archives in search of the definitive list of modern fluids for use in the A. In the end I thought it would be easier just to ask the question here......

Anyway, can anyone provide details (fluid spec and qty) for the following fluids:

engine Oil
gearbox Oil
Diff Oil
Shock Absorber Oil
SU dashpot oil
Brake/clutch fluid
Suspension grease
Steering rack grease/oil

Is that all there is on an A??????


Brad C
B Cronk

Engine: 20W50 summer, 10W49 winter.
Gearbox: 20W50 all year round.
Differential: EP80W90
Shocks: Hydraulic jack oil
SU's: Whatever comes out of your oil can (engine oil).
Brake fluid: Same as what is already in there, unless you're ready to rebuild the entire hydraulic system
Suspension: Common grease gun grease.
Steering rack: EP80W90, 6-oz in the main rack tube, plus a couple shots from the grease gun in the pinion nipple.

Also grease the hand brake cable, propshaft U-jints (if they have Zerk fittings), couple drops of oil in the generator rear bearing, a few drops of oil in the center screw under the distributor rotor. Repack the front wheel bearings with wheel bearing grease (and new hub seals) if you don't know the history of the car.
Barney Gaylord

Cheers Barney. Do I assume you use specific gearbox oil that just happens to have the same viscosity as the engine oil or do you use engine oil?

I'm looking forward to the smells and feel of the lubricants. I'm an old RAAF airframe technician and its in the blood - literally as well as physically! I'll use some gloves this time around.
B Cronk

Engine oil in the gearbox. Original spec was for straight 30-weight non-detergent, but we have much better engine oil now.
Barney Gaylord

Door latches, all hinges, bonnet latch, boot latch, all cables not of the modern nylon or teflon lined sort. Pedal pivots. Carb jets, bottom
Oil can or graphite teflon spray.

All clevis pins - clutch/brake pedals and release arm, HB linkage - AntiSeize

WW hubs - AntiSeize or grease.
Handbrake compensator. Grease gun

Seat slides. Lubriplate
Rear springs - oil can or spray stuff.

Anything that moves, or is expected to someday, gets slipperies, at least when I do a service.

FR Millmore

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