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MG MGA - Moss clutch release bearing

Anyone had issues with the replacement clutch release bearing from Moss? I fitted it in the car and the gearbox wouldn't release so after checking everything else came to the conclusion that the release bearing wasn't travelling far enough to disengage the clutch. This was borne out by the 'C' shaped wear pattern on the graphite when I pulled it all out again. I did note that comparing the thickness of the edge of the casting of the original and new was significantly different (new 5/8 old 3/8) Talked to Moss and they said they had not heard of any issues with it. Part no's are correct so its not a wrong part in the box issue. Would hate anyone having to do all that work for an incorrect part if it is indeed wrong or am I missing something? Hydraulics, lever, lever pivot, slave cylinder are all spot on.

Comments appreciated gents
AR Terry

Hi Alan,
I fitted a new Moss release bearing in my car and the carbon was worn down to the metal casting in 1200 miles so not impressed . Have fitted a roller race release bearing but not still happy



Just checked my maintenance records. I installed new (MGB) clutch parts in my MGA 12/8/2012 (47,388 mies on the main odometer). I have had the engine out a few times since then. Last time was 9/4/2015 (with 12,204 on the odo). All clutch parts looked okay, so were put back in service. This morning's milege was 40,327, so almost 93,000 miles so far, and the clutch is still working well. It has developed a faint rattle at times that goes away when the pedal is touched, so I suspect a worn pivot bush (and pivot bolt) in the release arm allowing the release bearing to touch the gearbox input shaft. It may be about time to pick up a 3-piece clutch kit to carry in the trailer, just in case it might be needed sometime. When driving 40K miles per year, we can do several years worth of maintenance in one year. No problem with the MGB carbon release bearing.
Barney Gaylord

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