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MG MGA - Moss used parts

Has anyone else experienced getting poor condition used parts from Moss Motors?
I am not talking about assemblies which have been overhauled but a single component part.
I have received an internal engine part for a mga twin cam that is in very poor condition.
It was from Moss in the UK.
The flats on the hexagon had been badly damaged by the use of a poor fitting tool and what was left of the edges had been badly filed flat.
The thread had been stripped for most of the length and roughly re-cut with a file, not a die.
The Item was badly rusted.
I suppose that I should return it, but seeing how far I can throw it makes me feel better.
I guess you just never deal with them again.

M F Anderson

Sure have Mick!

The last part I bought from Moss (and it will be the last part I buy from them!), was the worst piece of cr*p I have ever come across. But the thing that really cheesed me off was that the tatty box it came in had layers of wrapping tape on it where it had kept been sent back and still they'd kept shipping it back out hoping some mug would eventually accept it.

That sort of outfit I don't do business with.

Chris Bond

Hi Yall,

I saved up my lunch money for a whole year to buy a set of mag wheels...guess you can tell my wife is my accountant. Anyway, when they came the caps that cover the wheel bearing nut in the center of the mags were too shallow to fit. They hit against the original grease cover for the whell bearings and would not fit into the recessed area of the mags' rim.
Really was a big dissapointment. Sorta like being able to hear what someone isnt saying when you read the advertisements for parts.
CNN Charlie

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