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MG MGA - 'Motor' Road Tests

I have just received about 20 "Motor" annual road tets dating back to 1953. These annuals have about 20 road tests each, mainly, but not exclusively British Cars. The 1958 edition carried the MGA Coupe and the mga twin cam. I have added them to my website:

Scroll down to below the first photo on the right side.

Steve Gyles

Great site too.
Mike Parker

Hi Steve,

Always good to see those old magazines on the web.

FYI there are about 4 magazines featuring twin cam road tests in 1958:

Autocar July 18 1958
The Motor July 16 1958
Sports Cars Illustrated October 1958
Road & Track November 1958

Several more in 59

Keep up the good work.

Mark Hester

Mark and everyone

I am compiling a list of all the car tests I have onto a spreadsheet. I will probably also add a summary of each car's performance. The finished spreadsheet will then be put it on my website. Bearing in mind I have about 18 annuals (1953 to 1974 with a few gaps) there will be about 500 cars listed, including a number of American, German, Italian and French. I will be more than happy to scan car tests on request.

I will let you all know when the spreadsheet is posted. In the meantime if any of you have cars from that period and would like test data let me know the car name and model and I will check if I have it.

Steve Gyles

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