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MG MGA - Muffler for a MGA 1800

The muffler installed over 20 years ago on the MGA 1800 has bit the dust (the element is loose inside the casing) and it's time for a new one. It was a turbo muffler for a Nissan that fit nicely into the space, had good flow characteristics, though sounded a bit raspy by other peoples' comments.

Can anyone recommend a modern replacement that offers proper flow and fits into the MGA space?

C.T. Irwin

I use the standard MGA system on my late 5-bearing 1800. Works fine.

Steve Gyles

As Steve said a standard MGA fits, however only if you have the MGA manifold / header.
With the original MGB setup of down pipes to the cross member, a Twin Cam system is better for exhaust gas flow. The only problem is the need to make up / bend a section of link pipe to mate with the twin cam intermediate pipe.
J Hughes

This thread was discussed on 30/03/2018

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