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MG MGA - Muffler with some longevity/endurance..

Have any of you grown weary of replacing your muffler every time you turn around? I certainly have; they sound nice & mellow at first, but it doesn't take long for them to sound too loud and ratty. Any suggestions for a muffler that retains a good original sound reasonably long? Thanks..
Rick deOlazarra

I dont have the answer but mines has sounded ratty for the last 15 years......I love it!
Steven Devine

Steer clear of a the stainless ones particularly falcon. I put on a mild steel rear box couple of years ago because the retail supplier of the stainless one asked me to stop claiming on the lifetime guarantee after I made six or seven claims over twenty or so years, and we agreed that it was strictly correct under the terms of the guarantee, but maybe I had had my money's worth. The mild steel one has held up much better than the stainless one noise-wise.

I do find however that a standard exhaust can't reduce sound levels enough with a performance engine / supercharger. With the SU Judson the noises are deafening and not pleasant for a longer drive. I solved this by adding another box under the driver's seat. This has reduced noise levels with the standard engine setup to a very low level. I haven't tried it with the Judson yet because the new engine developed oil pressure problems after 30km while still being run in without the Judson fitted. The old engine has gone back in till we solve the problem.
dominic clancy

SD: You're making me feel my age! Forty years ago I'd have loved it too... :)
DC: Thanks for the heads-up. I've got a Falcon on the car now; it was sold as a single item without the included pipes. I've even had trouble with the mild steel ones, ie: the last one I purchased had only a handful of fiberglass in it and was way louder than the blown out one I was replacing. The current Falcon replaced that one & sounded great for the first three or four hundred miles. Now it's just blaring racket.
Again, if any of you know of a muffler with packing that doesn't burn out in short order let me/us know. Thanks.
Rick deOlazarra

Been using a galvanized one from Moss or Cecilia, don't remember which, for at least a dozen years. Sounds good, not objectionable and the muffler still is in good condition.
Bill Haglan

Thanks, Bill; sounds like you fared better than I. I'll bring up the subject with Cecilia & see what she has to say.
Rick deOlazarra

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