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MG MGA - 'Must see' in London

The Mrs. and I will be in and around London later this month. Just wondering what others would suggest as being a "must see" or "must do". Is the national motor musem at Beaulieu worth making a day trip?
Andy Bounsall

I don't really think Beaulieu is worth the time and cost. Transport from London in any direction (by train) is great, and from experience, would highly recommend a visit to the Morgan factory in Malvern..maybe a bit far, but check it out. With London itself, you could spend weeks visiting all the "must do" places...just hop on one of those hop on/off buses, and go from there. Not sure of the dates now, but the Goodwood Revival is a must to attend if you are around....this was an absolute highlight of our last trip.
Gary Lock

If you are in the Oxford/Abingdon/Stratford-on-Avon area I would suggest a visit to the Motor Heritage Museum at Gaydon.

M F Anderson

The British Museum is a must. My son and I also really enjoyed the Imperial War Museum
Steve Meline

If you are interested in race cars, particularly Formula 1 cars, a visit to the Donnington race car museum would be an idea. The museum is adjacent to the Donnington race car track. Just be careful, there is more than one Donnington in England. The one you want is near Derby.

M F Anderson

The Goodwood Revival Meeting is on 19-20-21 September.
I find these events in England can be very crowded on the main race day and the Saturday can be a better idea. More chance to see the cars close up.

Website is:

M F Anderson

Come down to the best in the West & visit the Haynes Motor Museum , for the widest collection in a great part of the UK , my wife is happy to return at any time !!! so that should give you an idea of how user friendly it is , have a good trip . Colin
colin daly

Trying to keep "around London" to a reasonable area, I would recommend the RAF museum at Hendon. Its an Underground railway journey plus about a 10 minute walk. (and admission is free)
Malcolm Asquith

For Beaulieu it depends how much later in September you are coming over. It's the massive autojumble on 13/14 September. Usually takes me the 2 days to get around the 1500+ stalls. When you get bored you can take in the Museum (included in the autojumble entrance fee). You would really need a hire car for this venue, plus a number of the other outside London events mentioned above.

There are the normal well known (non car) visitor attractions in the the London area, some of which are mentioned above. Apart from Trafalgar Square, Buck House, Tower of London, Big Ben etc, you might want to consider a river ferry from Waterloo Bridge down to the O2 Dome. See London and its various stages of development from the water. I found it most interesting. Also, the London Eye (massive ferris wheel) on the bank of the Thames gives a grandstand view of London.

Still within London, if you are into aviation, there is the RAF Museum at Hendon. This has RFC/RAF military aircraft from WW1 to the modern day.

If you are into recent history then, apart from the Imperial War Museum, you may want to visit the Cabinet War Rooms. These were the underground rooms used by Churchill, his Ministers and Chiefs of Staff during WW2. They are located under the Treasury off Whitehall, just along from Downing Street. They have been restored to how they looked, including furnishings, during the war.

Worth buying day passes (Rover tickets) on the underground, otherwise travel will cost you a small mortgage.

Steve Gyles

P.S. Bring/buy an umbrella each. Water nearly up to the floorboards in places this morning on the way to work. Real heavy stuff promised throughout September, including the remnants of the hurricanes hitting the States at the moment - takes about 2 to 3 weeks for them to reach us as energetic low pressure weather systems.

Steve Gyles

Goodwood is usually sold out at least 6 months or more in advance, so make sure you can get tickets before heading down that way. The British Museum is worth as much time as you can give, at least most of one day or you'll just be doing a walk through without time to really look at any of the displays. The Imperial War Museum is wonderful if you're into that sort of thing, easily good for 3 to 4 hours at least.
Travel on the underground is easy and inexpensive if you buy the day passes. Be prepared to walk a bit, but between the underground and the bus you can get most anywhere in the greater London area quite easily and quickly.
If you have a bit more time then I liked the display of the Cutty Sark and although it wasn't there when we visited I hear the Mary Rose is well worth the visit as well. Several places in the city of London there are Roman ruins that have been uncovered and are now on display. Of course a visit to Parliment, Big Ben, and Westminister are worth the time as well as the tour of St. Paul's. If you're in good shape the climb to the top is worth it for the view, but I was almost 30 years younger when we did that.
Bill Young


The Cutty Sark got burnt out last year, but is now under restoration. It will be a bit like our restored with new parts 'original' MGAs.

Steve Gyles

Goodwood still has tickets available [for the Sunday], its worth the trip - Petrol Head heaven

K Whitehead

Not mentioned so far is the Science Museum in London. Has an interesting section on the history of transport, inc planes and cars. Many examples suspended from the ceilings. Also history of scientific instruments, plus loads more. Its a full day to get around.

Thanks for all the great suggestions. We'll definitely follow up on some of them. I'm especially excited about the Goodwod Revival as I hadn't realized it was on while we're there. I've purchased tickets for Sunday and am really looking forward to it. Keep my fingers crossed for decent weather.
Andy Bounsall

the only night action of the season at Silverstone 19-21 Sept.

Jason Ogelman

I lived in London for 6 years up until a couple of years ago. There's everything in the world to do and see so could you be a bit more detailed about what you like. Some of these ideas are great. But you need to consider what you mean by in and around. How far out do you mean by around. Goodwood is a fabulous event. Especially everyone dreesing in period costume etc. This, Beaulieu, Malvern etc are all a long full day's venture. Are you looking for just car stuff or ? By the way don't rent (hire) a car a try to drive into the city. If you want to drive somewhere, get the car from the airport using airport transfers tunbridge wells terminal you're using on either the day you first arrive and do those things which require it or at the end of your trip so the you can drop off the car and fly out.
GD Glenn

while in London take the jack the ripper walking tour ,it meets at the tower underground stop.take the one that is escorted by the Beefeater
Ron E.

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