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MG MGA - national ID plate

I haven't seen any oval "GB" plates on MGA's. When did the requirement for attaching a plate to a vehicle to indicate the country of registration in Europe start?
Just curious....

Thanks, George
George G.

Still around. I usually put a stick-on one on the bumper over-rider when I take the car abroad. I remove it when I get back. Many modern car owners choose to have the European Community symbol with a GB underneath built into the number plate.

The requirement to have a GB on the back when going abroad goes a long way back, probably to the early 1900s.

Steve Gyles

You only need the country indicator if you drive outside the country where the car is registered. In border areas it is not usually particularly rigourously enforced, except on the Italian/Swiss border where the Italian cops make a killing from the Swiss who don't have the sticker and the cops are short of revenue.....
Dominic Cancy

That was always part of the excitement of travelling to mainland Europe, Putting on the GB sticker and masking off the headlamp segment with black tape! I always smeared a little grease before applying the sticker so it would come off easily when we landed back in the UK. I never liked the look of old stickers or the peeling/faded paint or residue they left behind when they are left on too long.

Neil McG

I often used magnetic ones. Then came the MGA with its aluminium boot!
Steve Gyles

Thanks, very interesting. I see magnetic ones available from numerous UK suppliers, so that must be a popular method for attaching/removing.
George G.

The cad's trick, of course, is to let in, glue and file flush a shortened-shank faux screw head at each side of the magnetic oval.
D Smith

I don't understand the point could someone please explain? We have a home in Florida,I stopped in the Department of Motor Vehicles for some info. While I waited I started counting the different licence plates available,they had samples on the wall all the way around the room. Got up to 50 different ones before my number was called,my guess they must have about 25 more!
gary starr

Simple, They are money grabbers. Every special plate garners a special fee. It happens here in Illinois too. In fact, in Illinois if you can guarantee 50 orders you can have a special event license plate made to your specifications. Like this for instance:
Barney Gaylord

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