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MG MGA - NEC Classic Motor Show report

Went yesterday and as always the hours just disappeared. Some new things for me; has anyone heard of or tried Activ8 friction reducer? I'm not normally impressed by this kind of stuff but they had an impressive demo! Fairly new to UK is Rust Bullet, rust cure/prevention often comes up on this BBS and
IMHO this was the best demonstrated product in the show. Again it's been around in US for years, anyone tried it?
Neil McGurk

Heh? somehow that posted while I was typing. Anyway, one thing I did buy was Aluminium Alutight. Its an aluminium welding product (not to be confused with the rods that were blasted on this BBS some time ago). Interesting as a Swedish guy working in the Aero industry "buys" from his (aerospace industry supplier) company by the roll and travels round shows selling by the meter!
I plan to try to fix the luggage rack holes in a bootlid and a split to a door. I will report back my with the result!
There was a 1600 and a twin cam for sale, both red roadsters and both restored (to a price). I almost bought some NOS Britax seatbelts, expensive at 195 GBP, but when they're gone, they're gone! I decided not too at the last minute so they're probably still there!
Gordon, there were no King Dick box spanners to be found!
Neil McGurk

HI Neil thanks for looking I don't feel so bad about not going now

g c pugh


I have used Activ8 in the past. engine idled faster immediately after putting it in. Appeared to do its job. However, I have not used it since putting synthetic oil in the engine as I assume it contains similar ingedients.


Steve (Just levered Barry Gannon out of my computer chair!)
Steve Gyles

Steve, thanks. In theory it should work well in gearbox and diff. to prevent further wear and together with grease for all types of bearings, hinges etc. I am interested to know its failings!

Neil McGurk

Found the seat belt chap at the show, and it may not be too late to get some belts. Spoke to him at length, and it seems he reconditions old Britax and Kangol belts for approx 195 a pair. By that I mean he supplies a complete pair of belts with reconditioned fittings and new webbing. He has his own supply of fittings, so no need for you to supply some. Seems very knowledgeable on the types of buckles that were available at different times, and those used on MGA'S. His name is Peter Copestick, tel 01782 623299.

A note regarding Britax seatbelts- about 2 years ago I bought some original Britax belts on Ebay, they went for about $120, and are in need of new webbing, etc. I don't see them much on ebay, 195 pounds may be a good price for new belts.
mike parker

What happened to that great portrait?
Mike Ellsmore

On the seat belt subject, Barry Gannon has just helped me fit Bob West's kit. Bob's kit, including the anchor points, is 158 incl p & p. I took photos during installation, if anyone wants more details let me know and I will put something on my website.

Steve Gyles

It seems that picture will haunt me forever! each time I change it, as soon as I try to save the new picture, it reappears!
Neil McGurk

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