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MG MGA - Need a couple of odd used parts

Hello all,

I am nearing completion of my 1960 1600 roadster. I am looking for a couple of used parts and thought some of y'all might have some squirreled away somewhere.

1. I need a spare tire clamp. I guess mine was long lost when I got the car.

2. I need the "domed" type top cover for the master cylinder. Mine apparantly had been changed out for a 1500 master cylinder by some dpo.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

John Greenlee


My first 1500 roadster came with a leaky slave cylinder and the "domed" cover on the master cylinder. I figure the DPO must have decided it was easier to expand the fluid capcity of the master cylinder than it was to fix the slave cylinder! I have seen the covers available somewhere for a pretty penny.

k v morton


If you fail to find the extension reservoir Stateside they are being remanufactured over here. I have one and it works fine. Contact Bob West:

Picture of the newly made version attached. Unfortunately it does not come with the metal cap. If it did it would probably double the price! They can fetch upwards of $60 over here.


Steve Gyles

I would also need a spare tire clamp is any of you has another one lying around.
The prices on ebay for these are ridiculous... like $60 for a piece of rusted bent metal. ;(
Gonzalo Ramos

Original spare tire clamps are hard to come by. Not sure what the cost of a repro is, but $50-$60 on e-bay for an original clamp is about right.
G Goeppner

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