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MG MGA - Need help finding repair shop

Need help in finding place to repair my MGA 1500.
Took it out for a warm-up and and ended up with a
clunking sound when I let off the gas in 1st gear
all working except for that.I am new to the Los Angles
area and need to find a rebuilt tranny, and some one
to do the job (never thought I would have to say that.)
Too soon old and to late smart, I guess. I live in the Beaumont ca area up the hill from Palm Springs.
Any information would be of help. Thanks

Former Sorry Sarari Bay Area car club member.

jim van sickle

Got to looking at my posting and saw that my E-mail address is wrong
It should be
jim van sickle

Jim, are you absolutely positive that it's your transmission? I wouldn't let anyone tear into it just yet. I don't think that the gearbox internals are likely to "clunk". In my experience they will usually grind, growl, or whir loudly, not make a mechanical clunk sound. I have had clunks on deceleration before. In one car it was a bad u-joint in the driveshaft. In another it was badly worn transmission mounts. In yet another it was badly worn wire wheel hub splines. Another likely culprit would be backlash in the rear differential, but the three possibilities I mentioned are all easier and cheaper to check.

Just trying to save you some $$$ and headaches,
Mark J Michalak

You can have your car towed up to Los Angeles area and there are at least 4 that I know of. There is also some near San Diego. You can contact the San Diego Car Club for some local people to contact from some of their members.

Thanks to all for your help, I will be using Frank Monise Motors in Pasadena Ca. They have been in business since 1950's so they must be doing something right. Mark Michalak was right it does'nt sound like the transmission. There seems to be a lot of backlash in the rear end. I did not think this was the trouble as 2yrs ago I changed to a 3.9 gearing by a shop that works on rear ends so as not to screw it up myself.I also checked the drive shaft for blance and new U-joints were installed. so we will see when it goe's into the shop next week

Jim 1959 MGA 1500
jim van sickle

Check the rear shock mounting bolts through the chassis are tight.
P. Tilbury

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