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MG MGA - New Appreciation for the MGA

exhaustfound a new appreciation for my MGA. I
Tommy Baker

If you can get away with removing the air pump and associated emissions equipment, the car will perform much better. May have to tweak the carb and timing a little too. I had a 1976 for 12 years with these changes, really enjoyed the car. At the time, state emissions testing did not include a visual check, so you would lean it out and retard the timing to pass!

George G.

I feel the same way about my "B". Its a little "boring" compared to the "A".... but .... Spring and Fall... nice to have "roll-up windows" and a heater!
C.R. Tyrell

My understanding is that the air pump (by itself) actually slightly improves performances. All the other 1970s-era Flintstone emissions controls are parasitic.
David Breneman

MGAs are a really nice driving car with a style that not many cars can match, but they will not out-perform an equally nice early MGB on a mountain road. A late model MGB in stock form is a bit of a dog however. The extra high ride height alone destroys the sportiness, and then add a few hundred pounds of comfort and (arguable) safety items and they suffer. Revert that '79 to earlier specification and it will perk up. But yeah, I'd take an MGA over a late model MGB any day.
Steve Simmons

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