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MG MGA - New distributor from Moss?

Just received this info from Moss. Sounds like a 123 distributor in a Lucas jacket! Anybody had any experience, knows more?

Mike Ellsmore

it's not new it's been around for a while (on other models at least). From the same part of the world as 123 but has some different and perhaps better features than 123, though I've had a (standard) 123 for 11 years now and it's been great, no farting about with points, timing remains consistent and no need to normally change or check, easier starting, better at idle and throughout the range.

Bear in mind these are fully electronic dissys, electronic igniter heads only deal with the top part of the dissy not also the bottom and that the dissys were out of spec within a few years of the car leaving the factory so are unlikely to be better after decades of use (abuse and neglect sometimes).

If you look in the midget and Sprite and MGB Archives for CSI you'll find quite a few posts (most probably from me).

IIRC Alan Anstead said his local Mini expert done the curves for the Spridget on the Spridget CSI.

You could get from other sources, see -
Nigel Atkins

I've fitted them to my MGC and my MGA. Unlike the original 123, the curve can be adjusted with a small screwdriver by just removing the distributor cap and noting the number of pulses on the LED light inside, Simple! David
D Jacobs

My Midget is a bit up from standard and when I suggested to my mate about going up from bottom curve (four in the set) on the (standard) 123 he laughed at me, and in the rolling road set-ups it's never needed to change the curve.

Once you have the dissy set you can leave it alone, same way as you should be able to with carbs, if you need or want to fiddle there's a programable 123.

I've not heard others mention it but my 123 eats dissy caps, the sparks blister the posts inside the cap, annual checking and cleaning required.

That is why now if I needed to I would buy a CSI to try but the 123 is in and working well, needs no attention in itself or adjustment (which is what I like and value, driving over fiddling or farting about) so unless it suddenly plays up I'll happily stick with it.
Nigel Atkins

A great dealncheaper and of good quality are the new distributors from Accuspark, which can also be fitted with Hall effect ignition modules
Dominic Clancy

Yes but are they cheaper or just cheap, from reports of the quality of the HT leads and spark plugs in their kits I'd be cautious.

I've got a couple of Accuspark/Powerspark (they look exactly the same to me and weight the same) rotor arms and whilst they look reasonable for the cost they're nowhere near the quality of the Beru/Bosch ones I have fitted and it's put me off fitting the Accuspark ones try.
Nigel Atkins

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