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MG MGA - New Moss Catalogue Cover

I'm in big trouble now. The new cover for the Moss MGA Catalogue identifies the cover car as mine. That's news to my daughter who couldn't miss school for the photo shoot. I gave the car to her when she was 11. She picked the color, "arrest me red" and is now 18. Possession is 9/10s of the law... I may be forgiven over time.
David Holmes

photo 1957 1500

David Holmes

Beautiful! It looks a lot nicer than the new Moss Europe MGA Catalogue! Or the old one(s) for that matter.
Neil McGurk

Nice car David!
Jerry Murphy

Beautiful picture of a beautiful car. There's a high-res copy in Moss' press section:

The sunbursts look a little Photoshoppy at that resolution, but it's still a great photograph. I wish I'd have saved a copy of Moss' previous web page banner, which had (as I was told on good authority) my car in the montage.
David Breneman

Moss photog took about 8 shots bracketed with different exposures and then pieced the shots together with something, perhaps photoshop. hence the depth and clarity?
David Holmes

Yes, I know the process you're talking about. It's called High Dynamic Range Imaging. It's especially effective with night time photography. This is the first time I've heard of it being used in daylight photography, but it makes sense that it would work there, too.
David Breneman

Lovely car! The photo, even at the lower resolution, looks too obviously "digitally enhanced" for my liking.
Andy Bounsall

Beautiful car David; even if its not blue....Dennis
Dennis Suski

Beautiful house behind the beautiful car, too. Looks like the kind that had stables converted to a nice 6 or 8 car garage with a couple of lifts...
Mark Lambert

If you look at the hi-res picture, there is a rack with literature in the main archway, and above that a sign. Although the resolution isn't high enough to read it, it looks to me like might say "???????? Baptist Church." Just a guess.
David Breneman

It's a church actually. Now I can't remember if it is Latter Day Saints or Unitarian.
David Holmes

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