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MG MGA - New Problem

Took my 58 A out for a ride. At higher RPM hear a new sound coming out of the engine compartment. Sound like exhaust. Thought it might be a blown head gasket, no sign of that. Also noticed a decrease in power at high RPM. My son wonders if the exhaust could be clogged?

loss of power and exhaust sound backing up into the engine compartment. Makes sense.

Anyone have any ideas


R Egge

He maybe right. It did happen to me years ago with a TC. You might try taking the muffler off and see if you can shake anything out of the in-put side of it.
David Werblow

My ten pennyworth:

1. Ignition too far advanced.
2. Air cleaners on upside down.

Steve Gyles

Check for loose nuts at manifold to head joint allowing leaking manifold gasket. That can cause loss of power from lean mixture at same time as exhaust noise. Also check for blown seal ring at manifold to down pipe joint. This often happens if the pipe to back plate brace is left off or broken so the pipe might wobble relative to the engine.
Barney Gaylord

The air cleaners can go on upside down? Since they are round and open on all sides, what difference would it make?
Den maknis

Den go to this link for pictures and explanation of upside down air filters.
R J Brown

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