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MG MGA - New ring gear, old starter

With recently overhauled new engine installed, today attempted to get oil pressure sorted (with plugs out etc). However when the starter cable was pulled, there was a terrible noise between the starter and the new ring gear (or that where it appears to be coming from). The engine does turn over, but the noise (like metal on metal) made me quickly abort the job. My thoughts are that the starter (which was the original, but checked out electrically) pinion is not meshing with the ring gear being new, and the other original. Any thoughts?
Gary Lock

Was the chamfered edge fitted facing the rear? Perhaps possible the rebuilder faced it forward thinking you have an mgb type pre engaged starter?

Steve Gyles

Thanks Steve..may be the case, but will take starter out tomorrow and check.
Gary Lock

all is not lost if you do find that the starter ring has been fitted the wrong way round.

You don't need to take the engine out to have the starter ring gear refitted, instead you can fit one of the High torque starters that engages from the front.

The one I tried wasnt a pre-engaged type, the starter pinion was hidden away inside the motor until you pulled the switch and then it flew out to engage the starter ring.

You have to be careful to buy the motor that will fit your engine back-plate correctly, an incorrect motor may start the engine ok but may not disengage from the starter ring when the engine starts.

Someone on here may know which actual motor you need if you do find the problem is with the starter ring.

Colyn Firth

If you need a hi torque starter talk to this guy
Mike Ellsmore

Sorry for the confusion, but the heading should be new ring gear/new starter. (original bendix type).
Gary Lock


If the ring gear is correctly orientated then worth checking the number of teeth and spacing on the new bendix is compatible with the ring text spacing. They can vary. I had to check when I bought my pre engaged starter.

Steve Gyles

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