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MG MGA - New to MGA & Metro's

Newbie here!!! Recently picked up a total basket case 59 and a truck load of Nash Metro engines & gearboxes. The seller said the Metro parts are interchangeable with MGA's but I think the Metro was a column shift if I recall. Is there and book that shows what parts are common to both models or someplace online that would have this info. Thank you. Curt
CCV Curt

I believe that Metro transmissions are only three speed. However you will find that most of the internals are the same. They used a different reverse gear that was longer and that blocked out the MGA first gear.

Metropolitan gearboxes are three speed and side shifters. I was given one once and disassembled it to see. There is very little inside that is interchangeable with MGA. All of the gears and shifter mechanisms are different. Rear housing is different. Front housing is machined to accept the lateral shafts for side shifters.

Met engines lack the mechanical tach drive but the block could be machined to accept it. Otherwise the block is similar to MGA. Crankshaft may be cast iron where MGA is forged steel. The Met oil pump likely has different bottom end pickup and screen, and the sump pan is definitely different. Met cylinder heads have smaller valves all around and smaller porting. It is probably a lost cause to try to modify a Met head to convert it to MGA 15 spec's.
Barney Gaylord

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