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And more of my cars . . .

John Crawley

WOW! What a great fleet, and in Alberta!
R Sanders

Those are beauties.....
Neil Ferguson

Nice collection John
Cam Cunningham

John, what is that "special" shown in your picture? Is it MG powered?

G Goeppner


My monoposto is a car-that-never-was; therefore is named The Littlemore Ghost. (Littlemore is what we call our acreage). I am building it as a replica of an Austin Factory racer of 1954, using a Matchbox toy as inspiration for the body shape. I used materials, construction methods and parts that could have been available to Austin if they had in fact built the car in mid 50s.

The front suspension is bug-eye Sprite with MG midget disk brakes. The rear suspension is of my own creation - 1/4 elliptical springs, trailing adjustable top links, tube shocks and Watts linkage on a Sprite differential. The transmission is MG midget with an L shaped remote shifter offset to the left hand side of the cockpit.

The engine is an MG midget 1275, balanced, ported, 3-angle valve grind, cam. etc. I have just acquired a supercharger for it but have yet to install it.

The frame is of my own design and is a simple ladder construction. I hand hammered the body in metal (not yet finished).

I have used period English parts throughout including wiring from a 54 Austin and period leather for the upholstery. The charging system, radiator and all auxiliary components are from Sprites or MG midgets.

I consider the car to be as close to a recreation of a period Austin Team Racing monoposto as I can make it. I have made a few concessions to originality with the rationalization that if it really was a surviving 50s race car a few things would have been updated to keep it competitive. My intention is not to try and pass it off as original and it is clearly and indelibly marked in a number of places as a retro car.

Anyway I am building it just for fun in solo events I am too old, fat and smart to run wheel-to-wheel in anger. As well I wanted to show the Rice Rocket Racers that there is an alternative to having fun without big bucks and sticky tires.

I also own a Commer van which will one day become my race car transporter.

Godspeed in Safety Fast
John Crawley

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