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MG MGA - No front brakes, no problem?

I have just finished replacing all the hoses and seals in the braking system together with a new master cylinder and silicon fluid. Everything looked ok, but they're almost 20 years old. The brake pedal was firm and the car pulled up pretty straight, but the pedal seemed to want to gradually move further floorward as I held the brakes on.

I noticed that, after a recent trip down the motorway, my front discs remained pretty cold. As I had hardly used the brakes, I didn't think much of it. More recently the front pads started squealing and I noticed that there was never any brake dust.

Yesterday when I replaced the caliper seals I found that the pistons were completely seized on both sides -effectively I had no front brakes.

Considering that in addition to this, the pitting in the master cylinder bore was causing fluid to leak back past the seal, I am absolutely amazed how well the car APPEARED to stop.

Now the brakes are pretty fierce, I should think about new tyres. I have 5 Michelin XZX that are like new, but I expect they are a little too long in the tooth.

Neil McGurk

This thread was discussed on 07/06/2007

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