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MG MGA - Noise from rear end.

Last year, in addition to a leaking hub and diff nose, I was experiencing a noise from the rear end that sounds vaguely like


Its a constant velocity noise and would be consistent with metal parts spinning around at a high velocity.

I first noticed it when I removed the carpet from the batteray access covering and started to drive without it.

I've rebuilt the hub seal and front differential oil seals and fixed the leak however the noise remains.

Oil level is perfectly satisfactory.

Is this just a normal mechanical noise or should I start considering some other issue?
T McCarthy

That type of noise could be from the rear brakes being set a little tight but normally it wouldn't be consistant. Anything mechanical that moves will generally ake some amount of sound. Normally we are insulated from a lot of it by panels, insulation, carpet, etc. I would just monitor it, if it stays consistant and doesn't get any louder is it is likely normal mechanical noise.
J Heisenfeldt

If you've checked everything over including the brakes - then I'd just put back the sound proofing ( carpet) and carry on as normal !!
Cam Cunningham

I'd put that carpet back on the battery tray right away.....

Doesn't sound like anything dire, and out of ear, out of mind.
Bill Spohn


I prefer the look without the tray. I'm thinking about putting something on the underside of the cover.
T McCarthy

Use something that will not absorb water or you will rust out the cover.
J Heisenfeldt

I would not dismiss this noise - have someone run along with the car at slow speed to see if they can detect the general area producing the noise, remember theres always a reason for things to happen. Is a worn bearing out of the question? Try going around bends to see if the noise 'favours' one side.
J H Cole

Just took my diff to the rebuilders. Had a persistant "road noise' and when I took a look, the main pinion bearing race had split. Could have made about another couple of hundred miles before complete failure, towing charges, new pinion gear, rebuild cost etc. Have it checked. It takes about one hour to remove the diff and look inside. It may be worth it. Gordon
Gordon Harrison

Does the noise happen all the time, or only when under load?

It might be worth jacking the back up, onto a couple of axle stands and getting someone to put it into gear and rev the engine a bit. That way you can stand next to it and have a good old listen with no wind noise or other distractions - maybe get underneath if you're feeling brave / suicidal? ;-)

Good luck,

G Hudson

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