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MG MGA - Odd front suspension

Just saw this one on ebay (auction# 300305659206). Very odd looking front suspension, see attached photo.

Andy Bounsall

Looks strange indeed. Must have been retrofitted from another BMC car, perhaps a sedan of some sort. Looks very similar to the MGB spindle assembly but with drum brakes.
Bill Young

Looks like the seller got some other picture in the mix. Notice that the tire is marked 165R13. In the next picture the proper suspension arm is visible (barely). These mysteries are great fun, but I cannot help thinking that the seller may lack credibility.
James Johanski

There is no such VIN number: HDR43/5273. They are all at least 5 figure. 1958 would have been in the range 45111 to 61116, so it seems he has missed a digit off the end.

Steve Gyles

That particular picture is of drum braked Sprite or midget.

Peter C
Peter Caldwell

I asked the seller about it. He says...

"I mixed up the front suspension picture with the one from my Bugeye I am also selling. You nailed it! That's a Bugeye front end! Thanks for your eagle eye!"

Mystery solved.

Andy Bounsall

This thread was discussed on 06/04/2009

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