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MG MGA - Odd Ignition Switch Gremlin

I have just separated out the brake/indicator lights as per Barney's wiring diagram. It works fine but I have a fundamental fault that I think was present before I started the mod. I had noticed previously that the indicators were intermittent and suspected the flasher - other post.

I turned on the ignition and started the car this morning and found neither the brake lights nor indicators worked. Switched off, then tried again and all worked. Repeated the process and none worked again. Wiggled the key in the ignition and all worked fine. Stopped the wiggling and brake light/indicators stopped working. Seems odd that the wire from the ignition to the fuse is faultless. Ignition light illumintes, car starts etc. It seems to me that the suspect area is the other side of the fuse (A4), yet it is wiggling the ignition key that sorts the problem.

Steve Gyles

Sorted my problem. I had tried to be clever following Barney's rewiring instructions for the front end. I failed to realise that an existing power wire from the fuse box to the indicator switch divided somewhere in the loom to also attach to the petrol gauge. I had disconnected this wire from the fuse terminal and attached to the flasher as per instructions (so I thought). With the engine running I had no petrol gauge reading, but when I switched an indicator on I also had a pulsating fuel gauge in sympathy with the flasher! Sorted it by running a separate wire from the flasher switch to the flasher and reconnecting the previous wire to the fuse terminal. Silly boy for trying to re-utilise an existing wire without thoroughly understanding the routing of all the wires.

Steve Gyles

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